How to stay healthy on vacation

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Going away on vacation is one of those great things in life, which most of us look forward to all year long. Whether it?s a short break close to home, or a long trip overseas, it?s a time to relax and unwind and take in some new sights and sounds. Going away can also pose some health risks if you don?t do your homework. Here are some things you need to be thinking about when heading off on your vacation.

Get medical insurance

If you?re going overseas, it doesn?t matter where, one of the first things you should be ticking off your vacation preparation list is medical insurance. It?s not worth taking the risk of not having it because it could cost you a lot more in the long-term and cause unnecessary stress if you have an accident or fall ill.

Shop around for the best policy, covering you in the country you?re visiting, and for any activities you may be planning. If you have any existing health conditions, you will also need to declare those, so you get insurance that?s best for your own individual needs.

Plan your medication

If you take medication regularly for a condition or illness, then you need to ensure that you have enough of it when you head off on vacation. If you?re going away for a long time, you may need to get a prescription from your doctor to have enough to take with you. An online pharmacy could help you out with supplies, read more here.

If you?re taking a plane, you?ll want to consider sharing your medication across your checked-in baggage and your hand baggage, just in case something gets lost on the way. That way, if your checked-in bag disappears for a few days, you?ll still have some of your medication to keep you going.

Research your destination

If you?re heading abroad for your vacation, you should look at whether you need any specific vaccinations for the country you?re visiting. You may need to take malaria tablets, for instance, or get protected against rabies. Check official sites online for information and speak to a health expert about what is necessary.

If you?re visiting somewhere with mosquitos, then you should also take protection measures: using repellent creams and sprays, for example. You may also want to invest in a net to put over your bed.

It?s also worth taking some painkiller tablets and upset stomach medication. And, if you?re expecting sun, then don?t forget protection creams to help prevent you getting burnt.

Use your common sense

When you?re away on vacation, just using your head can help you avoid any nasty illnesses. If you?re looking at buying a meat lunch from a street vendor, for instance, and it?s covered in flies, then probably best not to eat it. Similarly, if you?re in a restaurant and it doesn?t look clean, then it may also be best to avoid.

Personal hygiene is also important. Try and wash your hands as much as possible. You can use anti-bacterial gel, for instance, when you?re out and about.

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