What To Do When You Feel Your Health Is Suffering

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Once you get in tune with yourself, it?s quite easy to tell when you?re not feeling your best and recognize that your health could be suffering. What you don?t want to do is ignore the warning signs and pretend like you?re okay when in reality you may perhaps need some help.

It could be anything from gaining weight, problems with your sex life or simply feeling overwhelmed and having racing thoughts. Whatever it is, stop putting off your health and begin to get to the bottom of what it is that?s bothering you so you can feel better fast. Understand that you might make the issue worse if you wait and choose not to act.

Educate yourself & Conduct Research

Your first order of business should be to take control of the situation and gather additional information about what you think is going on. For example, if you have pain during sex then go online to learn more about why this could be and your options for treating the discomfort. On the other hand, maybe you?ve been experiencing a lot of uncomfortable headaches and want to know the possible causes of this sudden onset of annoying throbbing sensations. The more you know, the better equipped you?ll be at taking a right next step in getting to the bottom of your health problem.

Talk to your Doctor

There?s no need to scare yourself into thinking you have a condition that you may not even be diagnosed with if you saw a real doctor. It?s never a bad idea to visit your physician and strike up a conversation about what?s been bothering you and your health concerns. Be open and honest so he or she can help you figure out what may be causing you so much distress. Come with a few ideas, but then let them give their input and conduct any necessary testing. It could all be in your head, or it?s possible there truly is a complication that?s important you address immediately.

Start Exercising

There are many benefits of exercise and getting daily movement is always good for improving your health. Hit the gym, go for long walks or lift weights to get your blood pumping and start dropping unwanted pounds. Your mood will lift, you?ll have more natural energy, and you?ll like the way you look and feel when you?re getting consistent exercise. Find a workout partner and hold each other accountable for staying on track if it?s difficult for you to do it on your own. Never underestimate the power of exercise to nurse yourself back to health. This could be all you need to improve your wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Eat Healthy Foods

What you?re putting in your body matters a great deal, especially when you feel your health is suffering. For starters, take back control of what you?re eating by grocery shopping and cooking nutritious meals at home. Stop making excuses such eating out because it?s convenient, and start doing what?s best for you and your diet. You?ll have more money in your pocket and consume fewer calories, and smaller portion sizes when you do more food preparation at your house. Work ahead if it?s easier for you by getting your meals ready for the week on Sunday and packing your lunches for work the night before. While eating healthy does take a little extra effort, the health rewards that come from doing so are well worth it in the long run.

Open Up to your Family & Friends

You don?t have to feel like you?re suffering all by yourself. Open up to trusted friends and family members and let them know what?s going on. It?s possible they?ll be able to relate or will have some helpful tips and advice for you to consider. Sometimes it?s just nice to know you have someone looking out for you and support for what you?re going through when you?re feeling uneasy about your health issues. Do some talking, but also lend an ear and listen to what they have to say regarding the information you?re dishing out to them. It?ll feel good to bounce ideas off of someone else and not feel so alone.

Take A Mental Break & Reduce Stress

One area many people forget about or disregard is their mental health. It?s possible that racing thoughts and stress could be getting to you and causing your wellbeing to suffer. If this is what?s going on with you, then take a few days off of work to collect yourself and reduce your stress. Practice yoga, meditate and spend time in nature to help you get more grounded and stable before you return to your schedule. Also, take a look at your calendar and begin to say no and cut back on activities if it?s becoming too much for you. This doesn?t make you weak but means you?re smart and in tune with what?s best for you.

Spend more Time on Self-Care Activities

The point is to make more time for you when you feel like your health is suffering. It could be you?re spreading yourself too thin and not attending to your own needs, and that?s why you feel so down. Start unplugging earlier at night, get good sleep and participate in activities that help you refresh and rejuvenate. Go get a massage after work, take your dog for a hike or prepare a healthy dinner for yourself on the weekend when you have a little more time. Feeling as though your health is suffering could be a red flag that you?re not giving yourself enough attention, so now is the time to start.


Step up to the plate and take action when you feel like you?re not in a good place mentally, physically and emotionally. What you shouldn?t do is brush issues under the rug and hope they get better on their own. It?s your responsibility to get the help you need before you find yourself even worse off than before.

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  1. Jhoei

    Whenever I felt that something is wrong with my health, I go over the internet and do some readings. Then, if I find the symptoms alarming, I go to the doctor to have me checked and seek advice on how to overcome it. But if the symptoms are not so alarming, I just try to relax and find time with my family to release some tensions and stress that might be the cause of what I am feeling.


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