Six Urinary Tract Infection Signs Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

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Chances are that as a woman, you’re going to suffer from a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some stage during your life. Because of their anatomy, women have a greater than fifty percent chance of developing a UTI during their lives. Around eight million yearly visits to doctors are due to these infections. And, the likelihood of getting a UTI rises after the menopause, with an average of one per year normal for postmenopausal women. According to some experts, UTI’s are also more common in women who are sexually active, along with women who have diabetes. Here are some common symptoms to look out for and how to prevent them from getting worse.

#1. Burning, Stinging, or Pain When You Use the Toilet:

It’s not normal to feel pain or discomfort when you pee. So, if you’re getting a burning, stinging or otherwise painful sensation when you urinate, you could be experiencing the first signs of an infection in the bladder or urethra. However, if it only happens once during the day and not again, this is a sign that your body has already gotten rid of the bacteria, and there’s usually no need to worry. Drink extra water as soon as you experience any pain when passing urine to help to flush out smaller amounts of bacteria and prevent the infection from growing.

#2. Your Pee Seems Off:

If your urine looks cloudy, discolored, has blood in it, or is otherwise different from usual, this could be a tell-tell sign that you’re getting a urinary tract infection. As a general rule, anything off the yellow to clear scale should be a cause for worry. If your pee looks brown, red, or cloudy, these are all sure signs of an infection. However, this is usually accompanied by pain, so it’s important to consider what you’ve eaten or drank in the last twenty-four hours if everything else seems fine. For example, beets and some other vegetables can turn your urine a shocking pink or orange color. If the discoloration continues, then it’s more likely to be a sign of something more serious.

#3. Pain in the Pelvic Area:

A UTI is often accompanied with pain, cramping and swelling around the pelvic and abdominal areas. This is especially more common in older women, who often experience pressure, cramping and muscle aches as the most pronounced symptoms of a UTI. The symptoms can often be mistaken for period pains or something else, but it?s vital to pay attention to them and speak to your doctor who can help determine the underlying cause.

#4.? Constant Need to Go:

One of the most common symptoms of a UTI is a constant and urgent feeling of needing to urinate but being unable to pass any urine when you get to a toilet. A UTI can make you feel like you constantly have a full bladder, even if it’s empty. Frequent trips to the bathroom with little or no relief is one of the biggest telltale signs to look out for.

#5. Fever:

When paired with the other common symptoms of a urinary tract infection mentioned above, a fever can often be a sign that the infection has gotten worse and, in some cases, it may have spread to the kidneys. If you’ve been experiencing UTI symptoms and now have a fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit or are suffering with night sweats or chills, seek medical help as soon as possible. Follow the link for more information on urgent care UTI cost.

#6. Easing of Symptoms and Home Treatments:

Although the bad news is that a UTI will often worsen over a few days, the better part is that these conditions are usually easy to treat at home on your own. It’s normal for a UTI to start with milder symptoms, for example, some burning when you urinate, and then eventually build to include more frequent and severe occurrences of abdominal cramping, the need to pee more often, and fatigue. If left untreated, symptoms could worsen to include a temperature or discolored urine, for example. But, whilst a UTI can be uncomfortable and interrupting to your daily life, the good news is you can treat it easily. Most cases of UTI today will clear up after one course of antibiotics. To improve your symptoms and to start feeling better, you should also drink plenty of water, and avoid irritating your bladder by skipping coffee, citrus juice, or soda.

Unfortunately, most women will get a UTI at some point. But, being aware of the symptoms and how to relieve them will help get you back to normal as soon as possible.

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