The Most Common Foot Issues Solved

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When it comes to body parts that take a real beating, our feet certainly fit the bill. We can be on them for many hours at a time, whether it be working, exercising, or just out and about. Our feet can also suffer from a number of common issues, most of which have some pretty simple solutions that offer quick relief. Here we’ll take a look at the most common foot issues and solutions for each.


Not only can blisters be unattractive on your feet, they can also cause a lot of pain and can even lead to infection. Podiatrists warn patients to steer clear of popping them, which means you want to cover them properly. Blisters can rub against your shoes, which can cause them to pop. A popped blister opens itself up to infection. It’s best to use an antibiotic cream and then cover the area with a bandage, something soft such as gauze. Keep them covered until they have healed and there is no risk of popping them.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot is incredibly common, but something that most people feel uncomfortable discussing. It is a fungal skin infection and can present itself in one of three ways. Athlete’s Foot loves wet, warm places, this is how it grows. It is contagious as well, so you want to be sure you address it as soon as it develops.

There are a number of sprays and lotions available over-the-counter, which treat the issue quickly and effectively. If you have a particularly bad case, then it may be necessary to see your doctor for prescription medication.

Smelly Feet

While smelly feet aren’t really a health issue, they can lead to embarrassment and many ruined pairs of shoes. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of airing out your shoes on a regular basis, and try not to wear the same shoes two days in a row. There are foot soaks you can use to combat the stink, these include soaking your feet in vinegar, a saltwater soak, or black tea.

It’s also important to wear cotton socks, which allow your feet to breathe and therefore cut down on the sweatiness factor. Nylon material will just trap in the moisture, which will lead to bacterial growth. You can also get into the habit of carrying an extra pair of socks with you.

Flat Feet

Flat feet occurs when the arches of your foot in fact collapse so the entire sole of the foot is flush to the ground. This can end up causing back pain and discomfort that worsens over time. A simple solution is to invest in insoles for flat feet. These feature pronounced arches that will offer the kind of support you need and also act as shock absorbers.

Get Rid of Your Feet Problems for Good

If you enjoy walking foot problems are not acceptable. There’s no reason you need to be dealing with, and stressing about, these common foot problems when each has a simple solution.

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