3 Things Everyone Should Know Before They Start Vaping

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Vaping can have significant health benefits when used right. It can also be used to kick smoking and a nicotine addiction as well. However, a lot of people are still in the dark when it comes to vaping and might not have the experience needed to vape safely and get all of the benefits that come with it. In this article, we?re going to give you a few things everybody should know before they start vaping.

Understand the Different Types of Vaping Devices

Vaping devices have changed greatly since they were introduced. There are different vaping device types nowadays that all offer their very own unique experience.

First, you have cigalikes, or minis as they?re often referred to. Just like their name implies, these are the closest you?ll find to an actual cigarette. They are similar in size, look and feel, making them perfect for someone just making their transition into vaping. They are also called disposables since users can do whatever they want with them once they?re done.

One of the biggest advantages of cigalike devices is how small and lightweight they are. This makes them very discreet and they are perfect for people who just need a quick nicotine fix during breaks without attracting too much attention. However, cigalikes aren?t the most advanced and won?t give you the full spectrum of flavors other devices will give you.

Then you have multi-piece devices. These are probably the most widespread type of vaping device out there for a variety of reasons. They are reasonably easy to use, and you can find devices at pretty much every price point. They also offer a much fuller experience than minis. These can be reused, recharged, and refilled with your own liquid. They include a rechargeable battery and an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid.

Multi-piece vapes are considered mid-range as far as quality goes since they produce much more vapor and better flavor than minis and are more convenient due to their longer battery life.

The next step is mods, or APVs (advanced personal vaporizers). They?re at the top of the line when it comes to vaporizers. They offer the very best vaping experience you can get. Mods come in all sizes and can vary in price as well.

But what makes them so great is how customizable they are. You get much more control over the quality and quantity of flavor you get with a mod. For instance, you can upgrade for a bigger, better tank and get much more intense and flavorful vapor. Changing the tank alone could completely transform your experience. Some tanks will give you better flavor, while others will create bigger clouds. It all depends on various factors like airflow, the size of the tank, the coil, etc. If you want to learn more about tanks and mods and how to pick the right one, click here for more.

Know how to Buy e-Liquid

Now that you understand devices better, let?s talk about e-Liquids. Understanding how to pick e-Liquids is not only essential when it comes to the quality of your vaping experience, but for your health as well.

e-Liquids are not as heavily regulated as they should, and many fly-by-night suppliers are selling bad products. That?s why you should only buy liquid from reputable sources and know how to differentiate high-quality products from the rest.

First of all, you should give the supplier?s site a good look. Try to see if you can find information on where the product was produced and mixed. Also, try to find out if it was made in an ISO7 clean room. And check if you can find pictures of the facility where they were produced on the website, not just generic stock photos.

A product that was produced in an uncontrolled environment can be full of harmful elements. It?s very important that you do your due diligence on both the product and the seller before you buy anything. Some sellers just buy from any and every supplier, while others will go above and beyond to go and visit each supplier and take a look at their facilities. Try to find out what kind of seller you?re dealing with.

Another thing you should be looking for when buying e-Liquids is the container. Where possible, try to go with glass bottles over plastic. While there are some fine products out there being sold in plastic bottles, glass bottles are usually a sign of a company who takes production more seriously. Don?t just judge the product by the bottle but know that this is usually a sign of a higher quality product.

You should also get familiar with the different types of flavors out there. There are tons of different flavors available, and they all differ in quality, price, and taste.

You have tobacco-based flavors that basically replicate the taste of the tobacco leaf, sometimes with another flavor added. Then you have fruit-based flavors that replicate fruit tastes. However, in most cases, you?ll have a hard time finding one specific fruit flavor, since manufacturers tend to mix several flavors into one package. You also have more complex dessert flavors, which are very popular with vapers. As a matter of fact, most will tell you that dessert flavors are the best of the bunch. So, if you?re going to start vaping, try to find a pack with multiple flavors, to see which ones you like the most.

Choosing Nicotine Levels

You also have to pick the right level of nicotine for your needs. If you?re trying to transition from smoking, it would be advisable that you go with a liquid with a higher nicotine concentration to help you curb the habit. 12mg would be a good place to start, and you can start lowering gradually until you find your sweet spot or go for nicotine-free liquids.


Vaping can be a great way to transition away from cigarettes and nicotine when done right. Make sure that you do your homework before you start vaping and make sure that you only buy from good suppliers for your safety.

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