Restore Insulin Sensitivity

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Normal aging causes the insulin receptors on cell membranes to lose their youthful sensitivity or functionality.

The result is a pathological condition called “insulin resistance” that impairs the ability of cells to efficiently take up glucose and utilize it for energy production.

Glucose not taken up by energy-producing cells prompts the release of excess insulin. This chronic surge of insulin is called Hyperinsulinemia. High circulating insulin is associated with a higher blood sugar level, greater conversion of sugar into fat, and a significantly increased risk of heart disease. 2

Take the quiz and see if insulin resistance is one of your weight gaining mechanisms.

If you have type 2 diabetes, then by definition
you have insulin resistance. In your case, it’s
important to continue taking your diabetes
medication. Speak with your doctor before
starting any suggested supplements.

Questions to Determine Your Level of Insulin ResistanceYESNO
Is your waist size 40 inches or more (men) and 35 inches or more (women)?
Do you have a history of high blood sugar (>110) or have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes?
Is your blood pressure 130/80 or higher, or are you taking blood pressure medication?
Do you have family members who have DM-2 (type 2 diabetes) or Latino, African American, Native American or Asian American ancestry?
Are you overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25 (kg/m2)? [Calculate your BMI by taking your weight (in kilograms) and dividing twice by your height (in meters).]
0 Yes  Normal insulin sensitivityKeep up the good work!
1-2 Yes  On the verge of insulin resistanceLifestyle suggestions
3 Yes  Mild insulin resistanceChromium*
4 Yes  Moderate insulin resistanceChromium + Magnesium*
5 Yes  High insulin resistanceChromium + Magnesium + Green Tea Extract*

Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Eat something every 4 hours to keep your insulin and glucose levels normal.
  • Finish eating at least 2 to 3 hours before bed.
  • Eat protein for breakfast, such as whole omega-3 eggs, a protein shake or nut butters.
  • Eat small protein snacks in the morning and afternoon, such as a handful of almonds.
  • Limit simple sugars and stick with complex carbohydrates.

Elevated fasting glucose (blood sugar) and insulin blood levels are potential indicators of insulin resistance.

*The appendix provides descriptions and average doses of each nutrient.

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