5 Ways to Protect Your Scalp from the Sun this Summer

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Your scalp plays a very important part in keeping your hair healthy and if you don/t look after it properly, you will succumb to hair loss and possibly permanent scalp damage, which may prevent you from growing hair in the future. Even if you don’t have much hair, or you are completely bald, protecting your scalp from the burning rays can prevent diseases and even cancer. If you are taking a vacation this year, or you reside in a country where you are expecting a scorching summer, make sure you follow the below tips to ensure your scalp is protected.

Wear a Hat

The best way to protect your scalp from the rays is to always wear a hat. Even though it’s not always an option, wearing a hat can prevent any rays from reaching your scalp, and that will instantly prevent scalp damage. It’s best to wear a hat that has a wide brim of at least 3 inches as then it will also shade your face and ears from the sun.

Wear a Swim Hat When You’re Swimming

A normal hat won’t do when you’re swimming, especially if you enjoy diving into pools or swimming underwater. Instead, invest in a proper swim hat. This will protect you from the burning sun, something that is especially important when you’re in the water. You may feel nice and cool in the pool but you’ll find the sun can do a lot of damage without you even feeling the effects.

Rub Sun Cream Into Your Scalp

If you’re a man, and you already have hair loss around the crown area, it’s important to rub sun cream around that area to give you extra protection. If you’re a woman, you can always consider sun cream spray that will still allow your hair to look stylish in the sun. It’s not going to give you as much protection as rubbing sun cream straight onto the scalp will, but it will be better than having no protection at all.

Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing better than sitting next to the pool with a nice, cold alcoholic beverage, however it’s important you drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Not only will this benefit your body, but it will help to prevent your scalp and skin from drying out too quickly in the burning sun.

Avoid Using Hair Dye If Possible

If you love the blonde look even though you are a natural brunette, you may be damaging your hair without even realizing it. The sun doesn’t mesh well with hair chemicals, and it will ultimately burn the hair, making it look dry and unpleasant. If you are using hair cosmetics, always make sure you’re using a brand you trust. And, should you choose to recolor your hair regularly, try and take occasional breaks to give your hair some much needed time to rest and recover.

The above points will help you keep your scalp and hair in decent shape throughout the summer, so you’ll have nice hair to style when it gets cooler.

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