Cigarette Smoking and Other Consumption Habits

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There is no doubt that certain consumables and dietary habits are the primary causes of health problems. A fat-heavy diet and a large consumption of junk food are the most common habits that often lead to serious illnesses, including heart problems and diabetes. The same can be said for cigarette smoking. Fortunately, there are policies and regulations designed to help reduce these consumption habits. For example, Hofstra Law and its health law and policy department recently released a set of studies that proved how lowering visible packs helped to lower cigarette consumption by more than 20% in Australia.

These policies are being implemented in the US as well. The changes are expected to have a positive impact on society as a whole, especially among those who are facing greater risks of health problems due to their consumption habits.

You can learn more about these new policies from the full infographic, How Health Law and Policy Changes Affect Public Consumption Habits by


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