How You Can Help Your Loved One Get Clean

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Finding out that a loved one?s struggling with an addiction is terrifying for everyone involved. You feel a mix of emotions that are oftentimes overwhelming. It?s not an easy situation to deal with and one that doesn?t get better overnight.

Allow yourself to process what?s happening and come to terms with the reality of the situation. Once you commit to wanting to be a support for your loved one, do all you can to make them feel comfortable and valued. Educate yourself about the particular diagnosis, so you?re better equipped to offer support. See how you can help your loved one get clean.

Be Honest with yourself

Start by being honest about what?s going on and the situation you?re dealing with. Once it?s out in the open, there are no more excuses to be made or denials to be experienced. It?s the truth, and it?s time to realize that your loved one is ready to face it. Ignoring the situation or wanting it to go away won?t help you or the other person heal. Learn about what?s going on, so you see that it?s real and are in a better mindset to help.

Stop Blaming yourself

Support your loved one by not blaming yourself for what happened. It?s not your fault, and you didn?t make them do it. If you carry around denial, resentment and shame, you?re not going to be able to be there for the person you care about as they deal with their situation. You can help them by understanding that it?s not your fault and focusing on moving forward to a solution that?s going to help your loved one get their life back.

Find Treatment Facilities

A great project for you is to research and find a drug detox Atlanta facility where your loved one can go to get away to focus on their health. During the treatment program, your loved one will live in a peaceful and comfortable environment where they?ll have the support of medical professionals to help them get on the path to recovery. By focusing on a holistic recovery, they give patients the opportunity for a lasting recovery. Aside from medical support, patients will also benefit from detoxing in an emotionally stable and supportive environment away from the distractions of the world.

Support them through the Process

Don?t just ship them off and leave them to worry about themselves. Make it a point to call, write and visit when your schedule permits. Let your loved one know you?re there for them even if you?re not physically together. Remember that it?s a process and will take time. You?re not going to witness immediate changes, so it?s important for both of you to stay patient. Your support will do wonders as they find themselves again and work on healing.


It?s not your job to make another person get clean, but you can offer love and support. Understand that it?s not going to be an easy process, so give yourself a break. This is how you can help your loved one get clean.

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