Why Wellness is Important

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It is natural for a human being to pursue happiness or at least wellness. However, how objective is the notion of wellness? One person may seek a high social status while another is pursuing a mental, physical and social well-being or yet another is aiming to overcome his or her weaknesses in order to realize his/her full potential. This list could easily be continued but what is obvious is that there is no clear definition of wellness, for each has its own. Still, it is very important for us. Why is it so?

First of all, wellness is something that gives us an important ability to live in peace with ourselves. Here we talking not about some kind of personal idealization but rather about the right to be yourself and live the life we chose to live. Wellness means an ability to accept our weak points and seek the ways to fix them. So, it is not a reason for indulgence but a stimulus for self-actualization.

The second reason is the positive perspective toward our environment, based on the good wishing and tolerance. This does not mean that you have to love everybody. You can find your way with some people but not to do it with others without blaming them for it.

The third objective reason is an ability to live according to your own principals, that is to be the architect of your life. This ability implies such personal qualities as independence, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and a stable system of personal values.

The least but not least is having a reason to live. You have to see purposes for your existence and the way of pursuing them. Wellness could not be possible without a continuous personal development. You can only realize your potential when you are on this way.

That said it should be noticed that inner feeling of harmony is something we initially have as human beings. A little child is sure that is beautiful and everything around it is beautiful too. In other words, it does not separate itself from its environment, it lives, as the psychologists say, here and now. A child is naive and open to everything around it. This allows it to enjoy the life in all its manifestations. Such an inner setting is a necessary element for wellness.

However, in the process of socialization, this basic element can be damaged or even destructed. The reason for that is an inappropriate behavior of the parents or other role models. That is parents who, consciously or not, give a child wrong personal values and socio-moral setting.

As an example, we can speak about the inferiority complex. This complex is usually caused by parents accusing their child in not meeting their expectations. In such conditions, the person is prone to the low self-esteem, it can develop a feeling of guilt or, on the contrary, to seek self-justification or self-pity. In any case, here we have a broken inner harmony and wellness as a remote concept.

The opposite, but also an improper setting can be found in people brought up by despotical and authoritative parents. Lacking love in its childhood, a person would perceive the world as a hostile and dangerous place. His or her attitude towards life would be initially corrupted and usually would mean an entrenched defensive position. Even if such a person would reach a status where he can exercise his power over others, it will not make him or her happy. Life for such people is a constant battle without hope for reconciliation.

Another scenario would be a person who is equally unhappy with itself and its environment. As a rule, this is a consequence of an emotional deprivation of a child. The lack of compassion and support can lead to developing a weak, insecure personality. It is only natural that in such conditions there is no way to find wellness.

About author: This essay about wellness is written by Daniel M., professional freelance writer. He has been working there since 2009 and helped hundreds of college students with their homework assignments.

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