Three Ways to Feel Beautiful Without Makeup

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For some people, there might seem to be a pressure to meet certain expectations with a beauty regime, due to potential influences from advertising and media. This can particularly be said to come across in the beauty industry. However, there are ways in which you can let go of the stresses and expectations and be happy with yourself, without having to concern yourself with the expectations society places on looks. Whether it be your attitude towards your physical or mental health, by taking some time to evaluate your approach to how you view yourself and how you spend your time, you can become confident in yourself and your decisions without turning to the stereotypes of society for guidance.



Of course, makeup is a fun and artistic hobby for many people who enjoy it. However, it can also be a habit that prolongs the morning routine or causes anxiety throughout the day as makeup rubs off and requires re-application. There is no need to feel obliged to wear anything you don?t want to ? makeup is supposed to be fun. Aside from your mental health, you can feel beautiful by focusing on your fitness. A strong, healthy body will improve your opinion of yourself ? watching yourself progress is hugely satisfying, whether that?s in agility, strength, or flexibility. Find a sport or activity you enjoy and keep at it. You?d be surprised how quickly this can help you feel better about yourself. By boosting your physical activity, you will also find yourself improving your state of mind.



When it comes to being self-critical in the mirror, people tend to have a few tiny flaws that their mind focuses on, even if other people don?t notice them at all. While this proves that people are far crueler to themselves about their appearance than others, it is still painful to look in the mirror and desire change. Makeup is good for covering temporary blemishes and drawing attention to your best features, but if you want to feel beautiful with a bare face then it?s time to work on your tiny flaws. Do you dislike your eyebrows? Find someone who can style them for you in the way you like. Are you embarrassed about wearing open-toed shoes in the summer? Learn how to get rid of toenail fungus. By tackling these minor insecurities one at a time, you?ll gradually feel happier when you see yourself in the mirror and feel less obliged to cover up.



However cheesy it might sound, confidence is the most attractive trait anyone can have. A quiet self-assuredness goes a long way to making a great impression. Wearing makeup every day without enjoying it can increase anxiety and low self-esteem, so learn to look past your worries. By embracing your so-called ?flaws?, not only do you start to appear more attractive to those around you, but you also build confidence in yourself to the point where makeup returns to being a fun hobby rather than a daily necessity.

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