Symptoms of Water Pollution

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If you were to examine the settlements of cities, towns and villages closely, you would finally spot a reoccurring pattern. Most (but not all) are located next to or near the ocean, rivers or lakes, the reason being that water is essential to a human’s survival. Although humans can withstand several days without food, it is not the same when it comes to water. Humans are in desperate need to stay hydrated, and because of this, we ensured to gather nearby water supplies.

However, this does not stop people abusing our lakes, rivers and oceans, and sadly, even wealthy countries are still largely at risk of water pollution and the ailments it could have on the human body. Water-borne disease does not solely exist in developing countries, and worldwide, water contamination is a growing problem.

Therefore, we are offering a guide to the symptoms, types, causes and dangers of water pollution that affect both humans and the environment.

Types of Water Pollution

Water pollution can come from numerous various sources. Surface water pollution is the contamination of ocean, rivers and lakes, which can ultimately find its way into our pipelines and kitchen sinks, and companies will end up dumping their toxic waste into the planet’s natural waters. Farmers who also use unnatural fertilizers and nutrients can also find its way into our water systems due to run-off and contaminate any aquifers that obtain drinking water, such as wells.

Causes of Water Pollution

Industries produce huge amounts of waste which contain pollutants such as lead, nitrates and sulfur. With many industries abandoning proper waste management, they end up throwing any waste into the sea that will filter back into our rivers, and therefore, our drinking water. Another waste being released into the ocean is sewage, which although being chemically treated, still carries harmful bacteria which can cause serious health complications.

However, open waters are not the only way to contaminate our homes. Burning fossil fuels like coals and oil manages to produce substantial amounts of ash in the atmosphere, and when mixed with water vapor, result in acid rain.

Ailments Caused by Water Pollution

There are many illnesses caused by water contamination. These include gastrointestinal diseases, reproductive issues, cancer and neurological disorders. Although anyone can be affected, babies, the elderly and pregnant women are especially weakened. If you drink untreated water, at the very least, you may experience a stomach ache. However, it is extremely possible for someone to succumb to a serious, life-threatening disease.

Diseases caused by water contamination is as follows:

  • Cholera
  • Amoebiasis
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Malaria
  • Intestinal Worms
  • Trachoma

Make sure you are aware of the symptoms and to get checked by your doctor if you have ingested any polluted water. If you are quick to catch any developing ailments, you may be able to rid them completely,

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

Sadly, water contamination could happen to you. Residents within Newburgh, NY found themselves drinking polluted water from Lake Washington and therefore underwent a Newburgh water claim and hired professional lawyers from

If you or your community are suffering from water contamination, make sure you know your rights. The damage is already done, and if you have developed serious health complications due to pollution, you may be entitled to compensation.

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