6 Practical Ways to Reduce Food Waste & Save Money

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Americans reportedly dispose of 40% of all food they buy, which is the equivalent of pouring their money down the drain. What?s more, organic matter in landfills can produce 20% of methane gas emissions, which can contribute to climate change. You should, therefore, read the five practical ways to reduce food waste that?ll, in turn, save money.

1. Shop Smarter

Avoid throwing food into the trash and wasting money by simply shopping a little smarter. Buying too much food can result in food easily spoiling, and you might have no option but to dispose of the produce. So, buy less food for the grocery store and simply pop back if you need to restock your ingredients. Plan your meals in advance and only buy the ingredients listed in the recipe.

2. Buy Vacuum Sealer Rolls

You can, however, maintain the freshness of your groceries by buying vacuum sealer rolls. They can successfully protect your meat, vegetables, and other produce, and can also help you organize your fridge or freezer. They are also strong enough to resist punctures, such as sharp chicken bones.

3. Consume Your Leftovers

Are you guilty of throwing excess food into the bin? Stop wasting perfectly good dishes by consuming the leftovers the next day. Simply store the products in a sealable bag and keep track of how long they have been stored either in the fridge or freezer. You can then take the dishes to work for lunch or enjoy them for dinner the next day. It?s a great way to save money while reducing food waste.

4. Store Food in the Right Environment

Don?t underestimate the importance of storing food in the right environment, as it?s easy for produce to spoil if they are stored at the wrong temperature. For example, you can help bananas stay ripe for a few extra days by storing them in the fridge, however, you should avoid doing so if they are green, as they will fail to ripen at all. Even if you do remove the green bananas from the refrigerator, the skin will simply turn black, and you?ll have no choice but to throw them away.

5. Avoid Clutter

Out of sight is out of mind, which can result in spoilt food rotting away in your fridge, freezer, or pantry. For this reason, you should attempt to organize your freezer, so the items are always visible, meaning you will never forget to consume a product before it passes its sell-by date. If you buy new products, remember to move older products to the front of a shelf, so you consume them first. This can eliminate food waste and help you maintain a healthier bank balance.

6. Log How Much You Throw Away

Do you believe you could be wasting a considerable amount of money on food waste? Start logging how much you throw away, so you can identify how much food and money you are wasting each month. Doing so could provide a wakeup call, so you?re less likely to waste products in the future ? and you?ll think of the money you?re losing each time you place an item in the trash.

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