How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions 

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Resolutions… we all make them, but why do we break them? A new Survey Reveals Top Resolutions Include Getting Fit and Eating Healthy in 2022. In time for the New Year, YouFit Gyms, the popular national fitness chain that recently unveiled a complete rebrand, can help you keep on track as we look to 2022. 

According to a new survey of YouFit Gyms members, 60% of respondents cite getting fit and eating healthier as their top resolutions. But limited time and lack of motivation are the primary reasons for calling it quits, say survey respondents. YouFit Gyms CEO, Brian Vahaly, a former top tennis pro who understands the challenges and rewards of sticking to a fitness program, provides the following tips on why your New Year’s Resolutions may be doomed – and how to succeed: 

  • Too lofty. Long-term fitness gains start with short-term goals, yet most people are only focused on the finish line. This causes people to lose hope and give up. Set realistic goals and celebrate each success. 
  • No accountability. You need to take account of your exercise routine, otherwise you get distracted and find excuses to quit. Working out with a friend or a trainer can help keep you on course and increase your chances of success. 
  • No common sense. A professional coach or trainer understands how to achieve results and what goals are realistic based on your level of experience, current health, and current regime. This is why YouFit Gyms offers low-cost personal training as an option for members. If your goal isn’t right for your body, you won’t see the results, which will cause you to give up. A trainer can ensure your goals will be met. 
  • No FUN. Simply put, if you aren’t making fitness fun, will power can only get you so far. Diversify your workout, try new online or in-person classes, check out some HIIT or functional training and keep yourself entertained. Don’t get bored! 

Fads, not science. Especially when it comes to nutrition, you will find program after program promising quick results by eliminating certain foods or relying on certain pills or diets. The problem is, a person’s wellness is not one-size-fits all. YouFit Gyms has teamed up with science-backed EatLove to offer members a personalized approach to nutrition, at a low-cost that is inclusive for everyone. 

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