9 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

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Traveling offers so much more than fun and adventure. It can make a dramatic difference in your physical, emotional and mental health. Regardless of where you visit, jet-setting your way across the world could be the key to enjoying a greater quality of life.

If you want to improve your well-being, read the nine ways travel can improve your health and happiness, which could inspire you to embark on a new adventure tomorrow!

  1. Gain a New Perspective

If you want to enjoy greater emotional health, start packing your suitcase and booking flights. That?s because travel can potentially provide you with a whole new perspective on life. Learning about new cultures and meeting new people can make you a more open-minded, empathetic, and tolerant person.

The new outlook will also remain with you long after a travel experience is over, so it can help you to build stronger relationships and become a more patient, understanding person.

  1. A Reduced Risk of Depression

Research by the Wisconsin Medical Journal found that women who vacationed once a year were less likely to experience depression in comparison to those who vacationed every few years. This is because increased physical activity, sunlight, and enjoyable experiences increase a person?s serotonin levels, which can lift their mood.

  1. Eliminate Stress from Your Mind and Body

As traveling the world will make you feel a million miles away from the daily grind, you?ll experience less emotional and physical stress. After all, sunbathing in St Lucia or skiing in the Swiss Alps will certainly distract your mind from your commitments! You?ll, therefore, feel happier and less stressed.

  1. An Improved Sense of Self

Traveling will thrust you into a whole new environment, and you’ll have no choice but to stand on your own two feet. It means striking up conversations with strangers, asking locals for directions, or trying new activities you would never have dared before your adventure.

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All of this can lead to greater self-confidence, as you’ll start to understand who you are and what you can or cannot do. It could ultimately provide the clarity you need about the path you want to take in your life once a trip is over.

  1. Develop a Healthier Heart

According to a New York University study, there is a direct connection between travel and heart health for middle-aged men, as it can reduce their risk of coronary heart disease. A Framingham Heart Study also found that well-traveled men and women are also less likely to experience a heart attack.

Travel requires people to become more active, as they?ll need to rush through airports, lift heavy luggage up hotel steps, explore endless streets, and embark on active activities. Constant physical activity is great for your heart?s health, so it?s the perfect excuse to book that much-needed vacation.

  1. Many Destinations Offer Attractions with Healing Properties

Traveling the world allows you to try new experiences, and some could potentially be good for your health. For example, if you are looking for the best places to visit in Costa Rica, you shouldn?t miss their natural hot springs, which reportedly provide healing properties, as the warm water is rich in minerals, such as iron, calcium, sulfur, and silica. It is also believed to provide relief from arthritis, high blood pressure, skin conditions, and fibromyalgia.

  1. Better Brain Health

All those new experiences will do wonders for your brain health, as it is believed to increase your cognitive flexibility, which can keep your mind focused and sharp. Freeing up your mind can also increase a person?s creativity levels, which is ideal if you have secured a temporary job or are volunteering abroad.

  1. A Stronger Immune System

You will more than likely encounter much dirt or minor illnesses on your travels. While the thought might make you feel a little sick, all those germs will help you to build a stronger immune system. However, you must still practice good hygiene to ensure you remain in good health. Regularly wash your hands and carry a pocket-sized hand sanitizer with you.

  1. Live a Longer Life

If you want to live to a grand, old age, start traveling the world, as it can reportedly increase your life expectancy. It?s believed reduced stress, a healthy body, and greater brain health all help you to enjoy greater general health, which can prevent various diseases from cutting your life short. So, travel will not only fill your life with memories, but it will give you an opportunity to enjoy making more of them!

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