Transforming Your Breasts after Weight Loss

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Most women are thrilled with the results they see after weight loss, but not with the effect it has on their breasts. Those who’ve lost a lot of weight expect to feel confident with their new physique, but breasts which have lost some of their firm, youthful appearance can leave them feeling even more self-conscious than before.

Rapid weight loss can significantly alter your breast shape, but even those who change shape gradually may still experience a change. Sadly, this is a common consequence of weight loss, and it can feel like a huge setback after all that hard work.

Thankfully though, you do have options. Let?s look at the effects of weight loss on your breasts and consider the different reshaping methods available.


The Effects of Weight Loss on Your Breasts

Sudden weight loss causes you to lose collagen proteins, which in turn affects the skin’s elasticity. It is possible to diet without your breasts changing, but it?s inevitable that you?ll lose some fatty tissue from this area when you drop a few dress sizes.

What’s more, if you lose and regain the same 10 pounds repeatedly, you?ll wear out the compounds that help keep breasts firm, causing them to sag even more. Of course, this loss of elasticity occurs naturally through age anyway, it’s how wrinkles form, after all, but extreme dieting will only speed up the process.


Surgical Options Available

Once your skin has been stretched out permanently, there?s not much you can do to restore the collagen and elastin you have lost. You may come across ?miracle? creams that claim to tighten your skin, but they won?t alter the breast tissue itself.

Although wearing a supportive bra and doing exercises might help to prevent further sagging, the only option to reverse the effects of weight loss on the breasts is cosmetic surgery. Although there are different surgeries available, such as breast enlargement or reduction, breast uplift surgery (also known as Mastopexy) is usually recommended.

?Many women are surprised by just how straightforward the breast uplift procedure is these days, commented top Bristol cosmetic surgeon Elena Prousskaia. ?While it is still a surgical procedure and therefore not to be undertaken lightly, it can be a life-changing experience in terms of the self-esteem and confidence many women feel as a result.?


What to Expect From Breast Uplift Surgery

There are different types of uplift surgery available, and the best type of uplift for you will depend on your breast size and the results you want. The most common uplift procedure involves a cut around your areola and another vertically under your breast. Extra skin is then removed from the chest, while the breast is reshaped and the nipples repositioned. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthetic and takes around 1-2 hours.


Recovering From Breast Uplift Surgery

Recovery from breast uplift surgery takes 1-2 weeks, and you will see the final results of the procedure within three months. You will need to attend follow up sessions every few weeks after the surgery, then a final appointment at around 12 months. There will inevitably be some scarring after the surgery; however, these scars should not be visible if you?re wearing a bra or bikini top, no matter which type of uplift surgery you choose.

If you?re considering breast uplift surgery, but you?re not sure if it?s the right option for you, book a consultation with a breast surgery expert to discuss your options.

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