How To Support A Loved One Who’s Struggling

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It?s not easy seeing someone you love struggle with health issues, no matter if they?re mental or physical. You know they?re hurting, and it makes sense that you find it difficult to support them when you don?t have the entire picture of what?s going on. All you can do is be there to help and guide them in any way they need.

Give yourself a break and know that you can?t fix whatever?s going on. Learn the best ways to support a loved one who?s going through a difficult time and then follow through by taking action. See how to support a loved one who?s struggling.

Educate yourself

Don?t assume you know what another person is going through. For example, if you?re loved one?s struggling with drug addition, go online and research how to help an opiate addict. Educate yourself and learn more about the issue or illness by taking a proactive approach to the situation. The more information you have about what?s going on, the more likely you are to support your loved one through their time of need.

Ask how you can Help

When someone you love is struggling, it?s hard to witness. Instead of guessing about what you can do to assist them or what they need from you, simply ask how you can help. Be open and start a conversation about what?s going on in their life and what support they would like from you. It?s better than guessing and upsetting the other person. Be sure that you follow through on whatever it is they need assistance with if you?re the one who reaches out. Take notes and write down exactly what they?re looking for from you so that you can deliver on your promise.

Keep in Touch

Someone who?s struggling may not always want to be around other people. It?s possible they?re in a bad place and choose to isolate and be alone. While you know this isn?t healthy, be careful not to force your viewpoints on them and tell what to do. Offer to spend time with the person, call them to check up on them and engage in conversation when you are together. Don?t take it personally if they don?t want to see or talk to you when you make a special effort to connect with them. Give it time and keep trying the best you can.

Remain Patient

It?s important to remain positive and patient with a loved one who?s struggling. They aren?t in a good place and a lot of these problems can?t be solved overnight, or even over the course of a few months. Allow the person time to come out of their shell and heal. Ultimately, they have to be the one who decides to get help or open up. Be there for them when they?re ready to move forward.


Witnessing someone who?s close to you take a turn for the worse is difficult. Do what you can to help and stay positive. This is how to support a loved one who?s struggling.

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