How to Stop a Cold Sore Before It Fully Develops

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If you feel you are getting symptoms of a cold sore, it is important to understand the early signs, so you can tackle it head on and stop it developing. Here are ways on how you can stop your cold sore from developing and causing you further problems.

Warning Signs

Recognizing the signs of a cold sore in the initial stages is essential to being able to take appropriate action. If you are noticing a tingling sensation, this could be the sign of a cold sore. Symptoms can occur a few days before any visual signs such as blisters form, so make sure that you seek help sooner rather than later. Websites like Health Row can give you more information on cold sore blisters and provide you with the appropriate treatment to take.


For those who suffer from frequent cold sores, it is advised to take the appropriate medication when you notice signs to help reduce the severity of the cold sore and to speed up the healing process. Medicines such as antivirals are known to work well on cold sores, helping stop the virus from replicating. However, bear in mind that you can only purchase antivirals with a prescription, so make sure you visit your doctor who will be able to issue you with the correct medication.

Knowing the Triggers

Knowing the triggers can help you take the right action to ensure you do not get a cold sore. There are various steps that you can take to avoid developing a cold sore such as avoiding certain foods. Also, lack of sleep, an injury to the skin, or a weakened immune system can all be contributing factors to getting a cold sore. To be able to help identify your triggers, it can be beneficial to keep a diary where you can note down things such as your day-to-day schedule, diet, and illnesses, which can help you pinpoint where the outbreak occurred.

Home Remedies

If you are not prescribed antiviral medication or you are looking for alternate ways to help treat your cold sore, looking into home remedies can help with your symptoms and healing. Opting for products that contain menthol, antibacterial agents, and tea tree oil can help manage any pain you are experiencing. To help soothe the area of your cold sore, using ice and cold packs can help speed up your recovery and help fight against inflammation.

Balanced Diet

Maintaining a well-balanced diet can help boost your immune system and help fight infections. Eating processed meat products, refined sugars, and caffeine are all known to bring on cold sores, so make sure that you take the time to analyze what you are eating so you can make necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can be incredibly beneficial in preventing cold sores and viruses.

If you would like more ways on how to stop a cold sore before it fully develops, there are a variety of medical websites that can assist you with any queries you have and give you the guidance you need.

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