How to Prioritize for Your Wellness in Four Easy Steps

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Wellness is not necessarily a new concept, but it has taken the world by storm in recent years. Perhaps it was the fast pace of modern life that drove people to it. Perhaps it was the fact that we are now all connected and plugged in at any time of the day. Perhaps it is the stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. Whatever the cause, the fact is that you need to prioritize your wellness.

The Difference Between Wellness and Health

The first thing to know is that wellness and health go hand-in-hand, but are not necessarily the same thing. Your health will refer to your physical body. Healthy eating, exercise, and even getting a good night’s rest will do wonders for how you feel. Wellness, on the other hand, refers to the hobbies and lifestyle choices you make. It means making time for your friends; it means slowing down and enjoying your day rather than rushing through. Where health will focus on your body, wellness more or less will focus on your spirit and emotions. You need both to thrive.

Wellness Strategies to Boost Wellbeing

These four steps will help you build a platform for your own wellness and allow you to grow as you need to from there:

1. Know Your Limits

If you can only do one big thing a day, then don’t agree to two. If you get tired unless you have at least eight hours of sleep, then prioritize that over going out. You have limits, both physical and mental, and while it can be good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while, it shouldn’t be a habit.

2. When to Say No and When to Say Yes

FOMO, or fear of missing out, plagues many young people today. As such, they readily say yes to every opportunity, even if those opportunities don?t lead to the payoff you were hoping for. Instead of saying yes to everything, say no to the events you don’t care for. Instead of going clubbing, for example, you can organize a boozy brunch with your friends.

3. Slow Down

The slow life is the perfect antidote to today’s business. What the slow life will mean to you might be different to another, but essentially your goal here is to focus on activities that take your full attention. Don’t try to spread yourself too thin and make time for the things you love. It’s a simple, great life philosophy to adopt.

4. Find Alternatives to Your Life’s Pleasures

It is very difficult to switch from bad habits immediately into good ones. Especially when it comes to things we eat or otherwise consume because typically these substances either make us feel great for a brief period of time, or they taste too damn good. The secret to moving away from these substances is to find alternatives that are slightly better. Instead of deep-frying your food, try baking them. Instead of smoking traditional cigarettes (which produce a carcinogenic tar) try vaping instead, which allows for the nicotine intake without the tobacco. These will be steps in the right direction.

By making these switches you can make small, painless steps to ridding yourself of these bad habits altogether, all at once. You can instead start to focus on the things you love to do, and make more time for them instead of trying to accomplish everything at once.

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