How to find the motivation to lose weight

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There is a huge difference between knowing you need to lose weight, knowing how to lose weight and having the motivation to lose weight. If you are going to move that number on the scales downwards, then you need all three of those factors working in harmony to embark on a successful weight loss journey.

The motivation aspect is arguably the most difficult of the three. We all know when we need to lose weight ? when those trousers are too tight, or a favorite shirt no longer fits. We all know how to lose weight ? more exercise, less calories, less sugar. Yet not many of us will know where to get the motivation to do it from.

If that sounds like you, then read on for five ways to find the motivation to lose weight.

Decide on why you want to lose weight

What is the reason behind you wanting to lose weight? Is it to lower your cholesterol, cut your calories so you can remain younger looking or simply look good on the beach this summer? Whatever the reason, remind yourself of why you want to lose weight every single day. By constantly reminding yourself of the clear reasoning behind undertaking the challenge, you?ll be reminding yourself of the motivations behind your decision to lose weight.

Write down a clearly defined target to help you on your journey

Committing to paper your goal makes you more likely to achieve it, so get out a pen and paper and write down what you want to achieve. You can either go for the approach of naming a certain method of losing weight you are going to stick to, such as strictly following one of the weight loss diets recommended on Selfhealinginstitute.Com or running 10k a week, or a clearly defined target such as losing a certain amount of weight a number of inches around the waist. By having concrete goals that will help you lose weight, you are giving yourself something motivation through having something to aim for.

Tell people what you are doing

Let your friends know what you are doing. They?ll be largely supportive of you and that support can come in handy on the days when it seems like a struggle. Best of all, they?ll soon be telling you how much weight you?ve lost and how good you look, and that positive affirmation can do wonders for your motivation.

Don?t make excuses

There are lots of excuses for putting off losing weight out there and no doubt we?ve all reached for at least one of them at one time or another. ?I?ll start in the New Year? or ?I?ll start next week? can often mean you never starting. My casting excuses out of your life and realizing there is no time like the present, you?ll be giving yourself some real motivation to get started.

Reward yourself

Humans love positive reinforcement, so make sure you reward yourself. Obviously you don?t want to eating a tub of chocolate and a years supply of chocolate after completing three days of healthy eating, but make sure you do treat yourself. The obvious answer is with new clothes once you start dropping sizes, but you can also purchase new running wear once you?ve hit a distance target or some now cooking equipment to chef up some healthy meals with. Knowing there is another reward just around the corner is great motivation.

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