How Cannabis is Making an Impact in the Wellness World

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It seems like just the other day when cannabis was something the average person wouldn?t want to associate themselves with – something that only stoners and rebels illegally enjoyed when hidden from public view. These days, the iconic herb is moving in the complete opposite direction. You can even consider it trendy.

Thanks to the advent of marijuana?s legality in an increasing number of states, along with its health benefits becoming more apparent to the general public, stores specializing in cannabis-infused products are popping up all over the place. Cannabis leaders like GGB are targeting health conscious consumers.

As a result, an increasing number of marijuana-related products are hitting the market and the wellness community is taking notice. In this post, we?ll explain how this came to be so quickly. We?ll also take a look at some of the popular wellness products currently on offer.

Why Things Have Changed

While we still have much to learn, research on cannabis and its effects on people has shown that the plant has a lot to offer. Studies have proven that certain ingredients in cannabis can help with a number of common issues. This includes chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and of course, cancer.

But this knowledge has been around for longer than most of us. So why are we only hearing about it now? Recent changes in laws and regulations around the usage and sale of marijuana products has prompted investors to bring a lot of money into the market.

This influx of funds has resulted in many enthusiasts-turned-entrepreneurs offering their own spin on a healthy way for consumers to obtain all the benefits of cannabis. Here are some interesting products that have popped up.

CBD Tonics

From New York?s finest hotels to the busiest restaurants lining the West Coast, you can now find juices, cocktails, cold-brew teas and smoothies infused with CBD oil. The careful mix of ingredients won?t get you high, but it still offers all the desirable health benefits that come with cannabidiol consumption.

A shot of US tonic brand Torii Labs? ?Re-Leaf? is said to calm your body, relieve anxiety and boost your immune system. Co-founder Lulu Luchaire explains that as cannabis is de-stigmatized by the public, the user base will grow and businesses can thrive.

Gourmet Edibles

For those with a sweet tooth, there?s a lot more on offer today than those sketchy brownies from high school. Lord Jones specializes in serving higher-end customers with dose-controlled delicacies infused with a careful selection of tasty ingredients.

Green Skincare

Brands like Green Lily and Seven7h Sense are now offering CBD-oil infused skincare products. They?re said to be great for a variety of skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema thanks to the inflammation-relieving properties of cannabidiol.

These are just some of the countless wellness products built on the health benefits of cannabis to recently hit the shelves. With consumers being able to safely and legally explore the products on offer, it?s never been a better time to try it out for yourself.

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