How To Get Fit For An Upcoming Beach Vacay

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If there?s one place you want to look and feel fit, it?s at the beach. Going on vacation is a great motivator for getting in shape. It?s not going to happen overnight, so you?ll want to put habits in place that help you get there.

Start by setting a goal, so you know what you?re working toward. This way you can track your progress and alter your actions if need be. Remain patient because it?s going to take time. That?s why it?s key to begin as early as possible and take it seriously right from the start. See how to get fit for an upcoming beach vacay.

Increase your Cardio

Exercise more and get your heart rate up to feel the burn. One idea is to take Studio SWEAT onDemand online spin classes where you can train with real people from the comfort of your own home. There are an array of classes to choose from, so you won?t get bored, and your body will always be challenged. You won?t be disappointed by the results if you stick to this type of workout before leaving for the beach.

Eat Right

Watch what foods you?re putting in your mouth. Now?s the time to cut back on your junk food and clear your cabinets of any unhealthy snacks or treats. Focus on eating lean protein, fruits and vegetables that give your body the natural energy it needs to function at maximum capacity. You?ll feel great and wonder why you haven?t been eating clean your entire life. Save calories and money when you start cooking at home and eat out less. Bring your lunch to work and journal what you?re eating each day so that you know what you?re eating and whether you?re getting enough of the right nutrients.

Get Proper Sleep

Sleeping the recommended seven to eight hours each night is critical to your wellbeing and helps promote weight loss. When you?re overtired, you tend to skip workouts, eat more junk food and not care about your diet as much. Go to bed at a decent time each night and unplug from your devices to give your eyes and mind a rest.

Strength Train

In addition to aerobic exercise, hit the weights to get your body ready for the beach. Strength training will tone your muscles and give you the physique you?re looking for. Hit the gym or lift weights at home and listen to your favorite music to keep you motivated. Your body will start burning fat quicker and building more muscle.

Watch what you Drink

It?s important to watch what you eat and what you drink. High caloric drinks like sugary juices and alcohol only cause you to put on more pounds. Stay hydrated by drinking water and tea throughout the day. Be careful of drinks that taste good and contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients.


Knowing you?re heading to the beach should put you in the mood to get yourself in shape. Use these tips for getting you started on the right path. This is how to get fit for an upcoming beach vacay.

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