Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate — What’s the Difference?

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You’ve heard a lot about CBD over the past few years. Once the US government legalized CBD on the federal level, many people have started doing their own research. The average American knows significantly more about CBD than they did just a handful of years ago. You yourself may have more CBD knowledge than you ever would have expected to have. 

Still, CBD hasn’t been on the market for long, so you’re still running into new terms like “terpenes” and “full spectrum” that can throw you off. If you’re ready to try CBD products or switch brands, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best products for your needs. One of the most common questions we get from CBD seekers is, “What’s the difference between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?” Let’s dive into that question below. 

What Comes in Full-Spectrum CBD? 

“Full-spectrum CBD” is another term for whole-plant CBD. In the US, legal CBD comes from hemp plants. Full-spectrum products essentially contain everything that the hemp plant has to offer. Of course, CBD itself is the main player, but other elements include terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. 

Terpenes are the compounds that give cannabis their distinct smell. However, you can find terpenes in other strong-smelling plants, including some fruits and vegetables. Some research suggests that terpenes may have their own therapeutic properties like relaxation or motivation, depending on the specific type. 

Flavonoids can also be found in fruits and vegetables, as well as wines. They have antioxidant effects, which can also promote overall health. 

Finally, there are cannabinoids, including the CBD itself. These cannabinoids include trace amounts of THC, though not enough to be psychoactive. In other words, you won’t get high from full-spectrum CBD. Other cannabinoids include CBN, CBC, and several others. Cannabinoids are highly sought after for therapeutic purposes. 

CBD isolate, on the other hand, contains CBD alone. It does not have any other cannabinoids, and it doesn’t have other plant elements like flavonoids and terpenes, either. 

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate 

Which of these two products is the best? Generally, we prefer the full-spectrum option. 

Some people may benefit from choosing the isolate instead, including those who have extreme THC sensitivities. Likewise, you should choose CBD isolate if full-spectrum CBD isn’t legal in your state. 

For the most part, though, full-spectrum products come out on top. Thanks to something called the “entourage effect,” full-spectrum CBD may have more potency than its isolate counterparts. Remember that flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids can all have therapeutic properties on their own. Those therapeutic properties may enhance the CBD product and make it more effective. 

For those who want to take advantage of the entourage effect, full-spectrum CBD can provide the best choice. 

How to Choose CBD Products 

Once you choose one product type or the other, you’ll narrow down your available options. Even so, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of CBD brands available for you to choose from. Don’t panic, though. You can narrow your choices even further by using the criteria below. These criteria separate the best CBD from the so-so options. 

Location and Climate 

When you look for CBD, growing location matters. Most importantly, look for hemp that was grown in the United States. Be aware that some CBD companies only press and bottle their products in the US while getting their hemp from overseas. They choose this route because foreign-grown hemp is often cheaper than US-grown hemp. 

These companies’ wallets may benefit, but the customers certainly don’t. When you grow hemp in the United States, you can make sure that your plants are pure, healthy, and have ideal growing conditions. With overseas hemp, you don’t know anything about the plants’ health, soil conditions, or other important growing factors. 

If you want a guarantee of excellent quality for your CBD, then look for Full-Spectrum CBD from US-grown hemp. 

Want to take that quality up a notch? In that case, you can get a little more specific. Instead of looking for US-grown hemp, look for Colorado-grown hemp. Why Colorado? We have a few reasons. 

  • Elevation. Colorado has the highest average elevation in the US. Hemp plants thrive with lots of elevation. Hemp needs sunlight, and Colorado ensures that they get plenty. 
  • Soil Quality. Different plants prefer different types of soil. Colorado has the kind of soil that’s ideal for growing hemp plants. It’s a bit alkaline, has the right texture, and contains just the right amount of nutrients. All of these qualities lend themselves to healthy hemp growth. 
  • Climate. Other parts of Colorado’s climate promote hemp growth, too. Colorado’s temperatures, annual rainfall, and other factors help hemp plants stay strong. 

Thanks to all of these factors, Colorado hemp outshines other hemp options – even hemp that was grown in other parts of the US. 

Organic, Tested, and Verifiable 

Next, make sure that your hemp products are organic. You’ll want to avoid any products that may contain traces of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

Of course, it’s not enough for a company to claim that their product is organic. The best full-spectrum CBD products are the ones that have been independently tested. You’ll know you can trust a product when it’s been verified by a third party. When you get the bottle, check the lot number to look up a Certificate of Analysis. 

The Products You Want 

We’ve talked a lot about product quality, but product type matters, too. Think about how you want to take your CBD. For example, a lot of people who take CBD for overall health prefer consuming CBD oils in oral form. On the other hand, people with muscle aches and dry skin often prefer CBD-infused body creams. If you have a preference, the best company for you is the one that offers what you want. 

Don’t Settle for Less 

The bottom line is that you don’t want to settle for less-than-fantastic CBD products, especially when fantastic CBD products are available. Whether you’re looking for full-spectrum CBD products or making sure that you’re buying organic, you deserve excellent quality. The better the product, the more potent its effects will be, and the more likely it is that you will see the impact that you want. 

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