Five Ways to Get Past Your Weight Loss Plateau

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When you first set out on your weight loss journey, most people find they start to see results fairly soon. Results can be pretty significant at the beginning, but over time they tend to slow, and then often you reach a plateau. It can be rather frustrating to suddenly see an end to your weight loss, despite the fact you?ve made no changes to your eating and exercising habits.

So, what can you do once you reach this weight loss plateau? How can you push past it and get back on the road to reaching your goal? Here are five tips that can help you get over the hump.

Do Not Give Up

One of the first things that people do when they hit a plateau is feel frustrated and ready to give up. I mean it?s hard to feel motivated to keep up with your hard work when the weight has stopped coming off. Giving up is not going to get you to your goal. Instead, tell yourself a weight loss plateau is perfectly normal, as lots of people experience it, and there are ways to move past it successfully. This is a chance to recommit to your original goal.

Start Making a Journal

Even though you may think you’re doing everything right when it comes to your diet and exercise, you may be making small mistakes here and there that have landed you on this plateau. It’s a good idea to start keeping track of everything you eat through the day (including beverages), and also record your physical activity.

After doing this for a week or so, you may start to see some negative patterns emerge that you weren?t aware of, and that can be tweaked.

Change Up Your Exercises

Another tip is to use this opportunity to change up your exercise routine. If you stick to a regular routine of activities, it?s time to try something new. Maybe enroll in a new class, pick up a new sport, and change the actual exercises you are doing. This will challenge your muscles and add interest back into your routine.

Eat fewer Calories

While this isn’t what most people want to hear, the fact of the matter is that you may need to eat fewer calories in order to keep losing weight. Experts suggest cutting 200 calories from your daily intake and see if that makes enough of a difference. Of course, no-one should consume less than 1,200 calories per day.

Consider an Herbal Supplement

While there are all kinds of fad diets that are floating around out there, natural supplements have been known to help. In fact, one of the best diets out there involves using Garcinia Cambogia. This particular supplement has been shown to help weight loss and encourage fat burning, two things that can help you get over that plateau that you are in. Keep in mind that for the maximum benefits you?ll want to pair it with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Don?t Be Afraid to Try Them All

Because each person is different, it may be that just one of these steps won?t be enough on its own, which is why you shouldn?t be afraid to try them all.

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