Eat a Balanced Daily Diet

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No one should embark on a weight loss program by trying to follow a fad diet that cannot be adhered to over the long term. For weight loss a balanced diet is key for success.

At the same time, aging individuals have to make choices as to what is more important, like ingesting foods that are known to promote weight gain (and cause horrendous diseases) or selecting healthier foods that facilitate weight loss and protect against illness.

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle in a manner that promotes better health while melting away excess body fat.

There’s no quiz for this pillar of successful weight loss. Instead, simply try to incorporate the following few suggestions to help eliminate diet imbalances and begin a dietary habit for living a long and healthy life!

Incorporating these suggestions, no matter which diet plan and exercise regimen you choose to follow, can go a long way in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Let’s review what we’ve learned and how you might actually utilize the quizzes and suggestions made on a daily basis for sustained weight loss success!

Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Eat an 80% plant-based and a 20% lean animal protein-based diet.
  • Eat only lean meats. Free-range poultry and grass fed beef are leaner choices than conventional counterparts.
  • Use juicing to fill-in the missing servings of fruits and vegetables. A healthy ratio for juicing is 3:1 ? that’s 3 vegetables for 1 fruit.
  • Eat more fiber. Some experts believe that we should consume 40 grams a day. Nuts, fruits, seeds, whole grains and, of course, vegetables are all good sources.
  • Add some fermented foods, in small amounts, to your daily diet. This can include yogurt, cheese, fermented soy, and kimchi (fermented vegetables with a variety of seasonings).
  • Eat more salads with mixed greens and different types of lettuce. Use creamy dressing sparingly. Basic olive oil and vinegar dressings are healthier choices.
  • Choose fresh produce when available. If fresh is not an option, then choose frozen fruits and vegetables over canned varieties.
  • Eat what’s in season. During the fall, eat more root vegetables and take in lots of ripe berries and white-flesh fruits. If it’s springtime, go with Chinese yam, bamboo, and mushrooms. Summer is good for just about anything, but leafy greens, tomatoes, and cruciferous vegetables are at their peak. Lentils and beans are good in any season.
  • If you’re hungry, eat! Never starve yourself. And never deny yourself a small, healthy snack.

You can achieve success in a weight loss program when you follow a balanced diet!

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