Advice for Teens: You Can Take Charge of Your Health!

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One of the main incongruities that parents face today is the fact that their teens want to live like adults and be treated like adults but many are just not yet ready to take charge of key areas of their lives. Health is one of the areas in which today’s teens are found to be totally misguided. If you are a teen wondering why mom or dad doesn’t cut you a bit more slack, perhaps it’s time to think about exactly what it is that they are so worried about. The number one thing parents worry about, believe it or not, is your health! Want to get treated more like an adult and less like a child? Take charge of your health!

You Are What You Eat

Many teens are just too busy with school and a social life to pay much attention to what they eat or when they take the time to actually sit and eat a meal. In fact, many kids don’t even eat lunch at school because they are too busy socializing to enter the cafeteria to see what’s being served that day. They’d rather hang out in the halls or on the grounds of high school, talking to friends or messaging on their social media account. The only group of students you might find eating healthy foods would be the athletes who are advised daily by their coaches that it is vital to eat from the main food groups, leaving behind refined sugars and saturated fats.

The Drug Culture Isn’t as Cool as You Think It Is

Teenagers are becoming addicted to drugs and are overdosing at alarming rates. Just as kids in the State of Georgia for instance are confronted with living in a state that is known for being the “fat capital” of the nation with all their fried chicken, Atlanta is increasingly becoming one of the havens for illicit drug use and abuse. The best course of action would be to steer clear of any kind of drugs, especially street drugs like cocaine, meth and heroin but if you have already started using, take charge of your health.

So you see, you really can take charge of your health because by this point in your life you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. If you don’t, your parents really do have cause for concern! However, most kids know what they want out of life so by following a few simple “rules of the road” they can make their parents aware of the fact that they really can be trusted to do many of the things their parents had always been doing for them. Want to be treated more like an adult and less like a child? Learn to take care of your health so your parents won’t worry and chances are good that you’ll soon be treated like the young adult you’d like to be.


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