Health-conscious consumers save hundreds while trying new products with Healthy-Finds

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Healthy-Finds, a company serving as the bridge between health-minded brands and consumers, has found a unique way to make customers feel loved. Through their monthly membership, people interested in trying top-notch healthy foods and products, are privy to over $200 in free products, gift cards and exclusive offers.

Known for its impeccable customer care, Healthy-Finds makes consumers feel special by giving them an opportunity to claim exclusive offers, free products and gift cards for only a few dollars  per month. And while they’re serving as the connection between health-conscious brands and likeminded customers, the value and experience they provide create a ripple effect of trust among all three parties.

Healthy-Finds is helping its partner brands acquire new (and happy) customers and increase revenue without having to do any of the work or pay a dime. “We help foster the know, like and trust factor between our members and partners before they ever have contact with one another. It’s powerful,” says Pete Meyer, Healthy-Finds CEO & Founder.

When Healthy-Finds members claim their offers each month they’re blown away at everything they’re getting. Take Ilana, for example. In one month of membership she paid her $4.95 membership fee, saved over $255 and received:

  • 12 free products shipped to her (retail value of $130+)
  • 5 $10 gift cards ($50 value)
  • 4 exclusive offers ($50+ value)
  • 1 $25 gift card ($25 value)

Ilana isn’t an outlier. Healthy-Finds members see new offers and giveaways pop up each month, making them intrigued to see what they’ll get to try next.

Mary, another Healthy-Finds member, was able to claim five exclusive offers worth over $70, in one month. In addition, she was sent 11 free offers and five $10 gift cards, saving her $240.

I love Healthy-Finds! I have found out about the most amazing products.  I don’t even know how many I have tried or how much I have saved.  I can’t say enough about the products.  Drizzilicious are delicious.  Who knew rice and quinoa cakes could be that delicious.  And what could be cooler than healthy pop tarts? (Smart Tarts) Oh and the B’Nutty peanut butter was the best peanut butter I have ever tried.  I have to admit that I was skeptical of the ‘exclusive deals’, but they are the real deal.  Companies always claim that they have low priced guarantee, etc.  But if there are other deals out there that are this good, I cannot find them.  And I keep looking!

– Mary T., Healthy-Finds member

Healthy-Finds partners with over 25 different health-conscious brands, like Emmy’s Organics and Powerful Foods, to offer $10 gift cards and giveaways. Their Exclusive Offers program has brought on an additional 31 (and counting) high-quality and health-related brands like Aloha and EcoLips. The list of brands and new members continues to grow and Healthy-Finds innovates and looks for new ways to expand the health-conscious community.

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