Normalize Fat Cell Signals

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pillar-7The fat cell is the primary site for fat storage. Fat cells of obese individuals are bloated with triglycerides, which is the form in which most fat exists in the body. Fat storage and release is tightly regulated by fat cell command signals. Weight gain occurs when fat cells enlarge with large amounts of triglycerides. They accumulate excess triglycerides due to overeating, nutrient deficiencies, excessive stress, and other causes. These factors, however, fail to address the reason why aging individuals put on fat pounds despite eating less, taking dietary supplements, and following other practices that should in theory lead to weight loss.

The aging process adversely affects the fat cell command signal network, which helps explain the difficulty maturing individuals have in controlling their weight. These signals include hormones and enzymes like leptin, adiponectin, and glycerol-3- phosphate dehydrogenase.

Take the quiz and see if abnormal fat cell signaling is one of your weight gaining mechanisms.

Questions to Determine the Status of Your Fat Cell SignalingYESNO
Is it rare for you to feel satisfied after eating, or are you always hungry?
Do you have non-alcoholic fatty liver?
Do you have diabetes, prediabetes or consistently high blood sugar?
Do you carry most of your excess body fat around your waist and/or neck?
Have you ever been told you have high levels of inflammation (elevated CRP and ESR) or cortisol (the stress hormone)?
0 Yes ? Normal fat cell signalingKeep up the good work!
1?2 Yes ? On the verge of abnormal signalsLifestyle suggestions
3 Yes ? Mild case of abnormal signalsIrvingia*
4 Yes ? Moderate case of abnormal signalsIrvingia + Meratrim? (Mangosteen and Sphaeranthus indicus)*
5 Yes ? Severe case of abnormal signalsIrvingia + Meratrim? (Mangosteen and Sphaeranthus indicus) + Cyclodextrin*

Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Eat more soluble fiber.
  • Eat less white bread and pasta and increase your intake of whole-grain bread and pasta.
  • Combine adequate protein, fats, and whole-food carbohydrates from vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruit at every meal or snack.

Meratrim? is a proprietary ingredient derived from natural plant extracts exclusively distributed by InterHealth N.I.

*The appendix provides descriptions and average doses of each nutrient.

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