All the Facts You Need to Know About EHP Oxyshred

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Available in flavors kiwi, mango, guava and passion fruit, EHP Labs OxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner. Since its introduction, it has become an overnight sensation due to its incredible results.

Pharmaceutically proven, this supplement has an efficacious formula that works with a hyper- lipolysis matrix. The matrix works to burn turbo fat, provide energy and boost the immune system. Unlike other supplementary fat burners, all the ingredients used are chemically tested and engineered towards reliable results.

In this article, you shall read about all the essential ingredients in the supplement and the health benefits they have. In addition, you shall see some of the reviews shared by customers.

Ingredients Contained in the Supplement

EHP Oxyshred contains numerous ingredients combined and formulated into a powdered supplement that boost the body as it reduces fat. The matrix used to scientifically break turbo fat includes these various ingredients.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This extract has an active compound known as Chlorogenic acid. This compound works in the small intestines to improve digestion and the metabolic activity of the body. It also prevents any growth or absorption of fat cells in the stomach.

While uncommon with other fat burning supplements, this thermogenic compound also boosts the allows for fat reduction through the exposing and removal of turbo fat in the body.

Chromium Picolinate

Used especially for immunity boosting and bodybuilding, this ingredient works by expanding the body’s tolerance and endurance levels. Especially you take the supplement in the morning or before a workout. It will boost your strength.

This ingredient is also important for curbing of appetite in the body. It will reduce the levels of carbs cravings in your body allowing the body to adapt to a keto diet automatically.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

The most active ingredient is said to be Acetyl L-Carnitine. Working to add the energy levels in the body, this ingredient transports fatty acid to where the body converts fats into energy. Offers a great boost for the body’s muscle recovery process and endurance levels.


This is a beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic agonist. In lay terms, it means that they are active enzymes that boost the digestive system and boost the body’s metabolism as they promote the breakdown of stubborn fat cells in the body.

Higenamine also contains fatty acids that combine with L-Carnitine to burn fat at a faster pace for added energy and less consumption.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Also referred to as CLA, this amino acid blocks the growth and storage of fat cells in the body. It will block any enzymes that encourage the expansion of fat cells in the body hence allowing for fat reduction.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Another seed Extract from grapefruit contains thermogenic qualities. The active compound from the extract is polyphenolic. Added in plenty to the supplement, this ingredient offers anti-obesity mechanisms and enhanced insulin sensitivity.

In lay man’s terms, this means the supplement will reduce cravings and appetite as well as increase the rate of energy production in the body. Still within the compound is active amino acids that allow for burning of stubborn fat and improves calorie rejection.

Raspberry Ketones

While this ingredient doesn’t change the favoring of the supplement. It contains an active compound called Synephrine. This compound has thermogenic effects that would work well to ensure the body gets a proper transition.

A natural ingredient such as this improves the fat loss process without harsh treatments or other synthetic compounds.

Immune boosting ingredients

OxyShred earns its mark for being the number one thermogenic fat burner to incorporate immune boosting ingredients. They understood that when the body is going through the process of fat burning, it tends to weaken.

It is therefore important for the body to be boosted in this direction to ensure the body is not losing fats as the immunity system fails. The supplement ensures a healthy and strong journey of losing weight.


Playing the highest part in immunity boosting. This amino acid plays a major role in increasing the functioning of the immune system. It aids during the recovery period as well as a boost in stamina.

Vitamin C

The main Vitamin used for boosting the immune system is this. EHP Oxyshred offers plenty of vitamin c to ensure the body is protected and well driven through the process of fat burning.


Another immune-boosting ingredient is this. Combined with a stimulant, they exhibit muscular insurance of over 50% higher than anything else. They work well to protect the body from excess fatigue.

B Vitamins Full Spectrum

This specific vitamin plays a major role in energy production and sustenance of the body. Another great supplement for strength training.

Health Benefits

EHPLabs OxyShred has 3 very important health benefits to your body. They include:

  • Ability to burn through stubborn fat through the hyper- lipolysis mechanism.
  • The supplement contains immune aiding abilities such as L-Glutamine and Vitamin C
  • They have a great formula that enhances moods and increases energy production in the body.

Besides the above benefits, EHP Oxyshred also offers a boost in the body’s metabolism by reducing calorie absorption, improving digestion and curbing of the appetite.

Customers review

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews from customers who have used this supplement.

Mandisue claims that this is indeed the best fat-shred she has ever used and lauds its great taste. She also adds that though it is expensive, it delivers on its claims. This is after succeeding t lose weight in her midsection after a 2-week’s period of using the product.

By Angel Juarez

Angel remarks that he has ordered this product more than once, and that he will continue to order it from EHP labs. He argues that aside from it being very effective in his weight loss pursuits, ordering the product directly from EHP labs is also a cheaper alternative.

By Larissa Armstrong

In her words, she claims she is not about to stop using the product as it is simply amazing. For her, results came within a week after taking the supplement on daily basis.


EHP Oxyshred is seen to be among the best fat burning supplements. With its hyper- lypolisis matrix, it works to burn all the stubborn fat, improve your metabolism and boost your energy.


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