Dental Effects Of Missing Teeth

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Most of us can only dream of having a perfect set of teeth. There are those who have naturally beautiful teeth. They won the gene lottery on that one! As you go through the motions of being an adult, you realize how important oral care is. It may seem minor but dental conditions can be painful and disrupting.

It can be a nightmare to lose a teeth or two, especially if it?s in an obvious area of the teeth. But at times, if it?s hidden, we think little of it. Two or three missing teeth at the back isn?t much of a bother really. It’s fine, you say. For a short time maybe, but there are long-term consequences should you choose to ignore the symptoms.

Missing teeth can result in a multitude of issues from difficulty eating to speaking. Remaining teeth can become wobbly, difficult to clean and more at risk from decay. Teeth loss may be caused by gum disease and tooth decay, physical trauma and/or smoking and poor oral hygiene.

Tooth movement

Gaps in between teeth can cause bite irregularities. The chewing surfaces of your teeth?s entire bite may be affected. Improper bite can lead to a range of problems like headaches, tooth loss, or unnatural wearing of teeth. Without solid support from neighboring teeth, it can become unstable and loosen the hold on them.

Eating habits

Depending on where your missing teeth is, you will most likely consider a change in diet. Avoiding food that require a lot of grinding or shredding can be a hassle particularly if you?re used to convenience and a fast-paced lifestyle. Say goodbye to crispy chicken meat or that juicy seared rib eye steak. You?ll have to plan your meal ahead. Your choice of food will affect your chewing. With missing teeth, you may not chew well enough and food becomes difficult to digest which leads to other health problems.

Speech problems

With your teeth intact in the right places, you are able to speak clearly and easily. Large gaps between teeth can make it difficult to pronounce certain words. This can have an impact if your work requires a lot of talking or substantial dialogue. You may slur or whistle your way to talking or explaining to someone. And may even cause spitting at times. Remember that time when you felt weirded out because granny whistles when she talked? There you go.

Facial structure changes

Teeth support the shape and structure of the face. Notice the changes of an individual?s face shape from before and after they had braces. Some faces become more defined as the jaw adjusts and the teeth settles. For those with a lot of missing teeth, the jaw becomes unused. And as a consequence can lead to atrophied jaw bone and make your face look sunken and aged. Picture old folks who have removable dentures, the effects of teeth loss are evident.

Luckily, there are great dental technologies to address missing teeth issues. Worrying about a missing tooth is now a thing of the past as we have more access to advanced dental services. Dental implants can help avoid risks on the ill-effects of missing teeth and allows for a better quality of life. You can visit dental experts at the New Jersey area for more information on implant costs to finally get around to having good dental health. And take on your life with a greater smile!

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