Can You Pass the Traveling Shoes Test?

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We all love to travel! But how do you know which set of shoes to pack? Should you pack heels, sneakers or your favorite Birkenstock sandals? Or maybe you should choose some boots or flip flops? Finding the right footwear doesn?t have to give you a headache. Let?s see if our quick Traveling Shoes Test can help you find the perfect shoes to wear!

  1. Are you going to be walking along a sandy beach, walking in the city in warm weather, or doing some light hiking?

If your answer is a resounding ?YES!? then you just need to choose some high quality sandals for your vacation. Find durable strappy sandals that are more than decorative. The inexpensive flip flop variety or thong type may break. Instead choose a quality name brand that has a reputation for years of use, like Birkenstocks.

  1. Will the weather be cold and snowy?

Maybe you aren?t checking out the Caribbean islands. Instead, you might be checking out some ski slopes or trekking through a snowy wonderland. If that?s the case, then you need to pack mid-calf to knee-high boots. Leather and faux leather are favorites for cold weather travel.

  1. Do you need sturdy walking shoes?

Traveling to Europe? Plan on spending hours and hours traveling by foot? You will need a shoe that is both durable and comfortable. Depending on the length of your trip, you may need to pack a few different shoes depending on the terrain. Some walking shoe favorites include Vionic for women, Skechers, Puma, and Blondo Ankle Boots. Cotu sneakers are another favorite of travelers. Be sure to choose a shoe because it is functional and durable. This might mean you have to forego fancier fashionable shoes. Protecting your feet is more important.

  1. Are you going to be gone for multiple seasons?

Most of the shoes we have talked about are great for a very particular type of weather or terrain. But what if you plan to travel for several months, or even a year? Remember to pack light. Only pack the shoes you absolutely need. Multifunctional shoes are great. Think about sandals which double for appropriate evening party footwear or boots you can use for both hiking and winter sports. Some multipurpose favorites are made by Blondo, Sam Edelman, and even Crocs.

  1. Do you need to walk on multiple terrains?

Slogging through mud, on rocky paths, and the city all in the same trip? Your shoes need to survive multiple terrains. From mountain climbing to sight-seeing, pack footwear that will protect your feet no matter the activity. You might find Adidas or Nike sneakers provide the protective multifunctionality you need. Waterproof camping and hiking running shoes are another great option from most major running sneaker brands. Timberland creates many durable all-terrain working boots for men. These are available for hot weather, climbing, hiking, and wading for the traveler who loves to fish.

Choose the right type of footwear for your travels. Always select the most comfortable and durable traveling shoe. Don?t buy cheap brands. Stick with brands you trust, especially for longer trips. Happy travels!

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