Top summer health hacks for busy lifestyles

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If you are looking to improve your lifestyle, overall health, and wellness, and even make a lasting change to your fitness and diet, then summer is the ideal time to get your routine back in hand. Now that the weather is turning warmer, there is even more of an incentive to rethink your health and begin to make a few changes to your day to day that will be of benefit in the long term. If you are short for time but are willing to make an effort, then be sure to try out these health hacks to help you get back on track and ensure that you are in the best possible shape.


First and foremost, you will need to decide which areas of your health and wellness that you want to focus on, in particular, if you are short on time. Try not to take on too much, or you risk feeling stressed and overwhelmed before you even get started and begin to make a lasting change for the better. If you are looking to slim down and tone up, then you may want to focus on your gym and workout routine, whereas if you feel sluggish and lacking in energy, then your diet could be letting you down. If you are weepy and cranky, then you could be stressed without you even realizing! Make sure that you check in with how you are feeling and based on this, begin to prioritize which areas of your life are in desperate need of a summer health hack.


Take time to relax

If you are no longer feeling like yourself, or feel that you are short and irritable with family members and colleagues, then you could be suffering from stress. If left untreated, stress can manifest itself in a variety of different ways, from hair loss to even depression and suicidal thoughts in extreme cases. So, if you are looking to make one improvement to your busy lifestyle, then be sure to explore ways for you to slow down and relax. Make sure that you try out whatever works for you and makes you feel good. It may be as simple as walking the dog in the park, or perhaps you enjoy a warm and relaxing bath and a good book. You could also try using holotropic breathwork to help you to focus on your breathing and manage your state of mind. For others, Yoga and classes such as Pilates are ideal for providing you with a time and a space to chill out and stretch out aching muscles. Explore and try out a range of alternatives, so that you have your own time to relax when you feel that the pressures of your hectic and busy lifestyle are getting all too much.


Get your diet on track

If you are a working parent, or perhaps you work long hours in the office, then this could be having a detrimental effect on your diet, especially if you feel that you are eating too many processed, packaged or convenience foods. If you cannot remember the last time that you got back in the kitchen and actually cooked up a delicious meal for you and your family, then it is time for you to make a change for the better. Try keeping a food diary so that you can monitor what you are eating and keep tabs on your calorie consumption. If you are stressed and spend long hours on your feet, but fail to eat decent meals, then you may not be eating enough to lose weight or get your metabolism working efficiently. Try incorporating a healthy and hearty breakfast into your daily routine, and load up on snacks such as fruit and nuts to help keep your blood sugar levels up. Replace soda and sugary treats with homemade cereal bars or oatmeal cookies, and be sure to allow yourself one or two special cheat meals each week as an incentive or reward for your efforts. Cut down on your alcohol consumption, as this contains empty calories and can act as a depressant. Finally, try upping the amount of fiber in your diet, in particular, if you suffer from constipation or have digestive issues. You will soon notice that you feel lighter and have a spring in your step once you get your diet on track.


Summer hacks that apply all year

No matter where you live or the time of year, you still need to pay attention to your skin and hydration levels all year round, to ensure that you are functioning and working efficiently. Be sure to keep sipping on water throughout the day, as if you fail to drink enough fluids you could soon become dehydrated and suffer from migraines or headaches. Make sure too that you choose a day cream that contains an SPF, to ensure that your skin is kept safe from the suns rays all year round. Finally, make sure that you keep up, active and moving all year round. Remember exercise is not just for summer! Try walking to your office, running around after your kids and working up a sweat with friends as fun ways to get healthier.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, then why not use the warmer weather as the ideal time of year to make a lasting change to your wellbeing and overall health. Make sure that you focus on one area at a time and try not to take on too much, or you may become more stressed before you even start. Try exploring ways to relax and be sure to slow down if you lead a busy lifestyle. Pay particular attention to your diet so that you can boost your mood and feed your body. Finally, do use essential summer hacks such as exercise and drinking enough water all year round, as you will notice the benefits of this over time. It pays to get your summer mindset on if you want to rethink your lifestyle and reap the benefits.

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