The Best Way to Fuel Your Body Pre-Workout Without Using DMAA

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While there are plenty of products available to help you refuel after an intense workout, there aren?t always as many pre-workout options out there. Not only can it be harder to find that pre-workout fuel you crave, but finding a product without DMAA can prove to make things even trickier. Well, fear not, as there are ways that you can get your body ready for a workout without having to resort to DMAA. So, let?s take a look at the best DMMA free pre-workout options.

Pre-Workout Supplements without DMAA

Finding a pre-workout supplement product is possible through various health food stores, but as you’ve probably noticed, many of them contain DMAA. For those unfamiliar with DMAA, it is 1,3-dimethylamylamine, and it is often found in these supplements and energy drinks. DMAA acts like an amphetamine-like compound, which means it can be quite dangerous to the body.

Back in 2013, the FDA issued a warning regarding the ingredient to let consumers know there are reports it can lead to various health issues. These health issues include panic attacks, seizures, strokes, heart attacks, arrhythmias, and more.

Even with these reports, it can still be hard to find a pre-workout supplement that is free of DMAA. Driven 2.0 may be an option for you. This one has been clinically proven to be completely free of DMAA, providing people with the boost of energy they need and no rash. It?s meant to sharpen the person’s focus, help to improve endurance, and even increase strength.

Boost Your Amino Acids and Carbs Before the Workout

Another option is to opt for a simple rehydration drink, such as the popular Gatorade brand of beverages. This drink is high in amino acids and carbohydrates, both of which will fuel your body. The carbs and amino acids work together to provide more blood flow to your muscles, which will help to fight muscle fatigue.

Reach for the Caffeine

While there have been all kinds of stimulants that have been used to give you that boost of energy, many of them such as DMAA have been found to be unsafe. So why not use good old caffeine? Go ahead and grab that cup of Joe before your next workout and make use of that caffeine boost it gives you.

Another interesting factor in drinking caffeine beforehand is that there has been research showning that it can help to reduce a person’s perception of muscle pain. If you don?t feel muscle pain, then you?re probably going to be able to last longer in the workout.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same reaction to caffeine, so it may not give you as much of a boost as you?d hope. If you?re a heavy coffee drinker, then there?s a greater chance it will have less of an effect on you.

There Are Options Available

So, before you decide to skip the pre-workout fuel simply because you don?t think there is a safe product, you may want to give one of these options a try.

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