4 Signs it?s Time to Switch Doctors

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Staying with a doctor you’re not comfortable with is one of the worst things you can do. And with all the options available to you, there is absolutely no reasons to stay with a practitioner you feel is incompetent or doesn’t fulfil your needs. In this article, I’m going to give you a few tell tale signs that it’s time to ditch your doctor.

The Two of You Don’t Mesh

While competency should be the most important thing when choosing a practitioner, personality should come into the equation as well. After all, this is a person with whom you will be sharing some very personal aspects of your life, and it’s better to go with someone you feel comfortable with from the get go. You might even have to see him for some very embarrassing issues, and you have to know that your doctor will have your back no matter what.

Some people value warmth when they see a doctor, and they want to see someone whom they feel will have a true caring relationship with them. While some doctors might be very proficient, they might be lacking in the warmth department, which can seem, and could very well be, a sign of detachment. Some people want a doctor they feel will be personally invested in their lives and well being.

He doesn’t Care for Your Time

Some doctors are simply bad with time. Some may leave you waiting for hours for meetings only to rush the process once they get there. In many cases, this might be because the practitioner is overworked or simply disorganized. In both cases, this should raise some serious red flags. And the healthcare business is increasingly aware of how important time is for their patients, so much so that many facilities started offering discounts to patients when their doctor is late or misses an appointment. Make sure you choose a doctor that is punctual and respects your time.

The Staff and Office Seem Unprofessional

First of all, everybody in the staff, including administrators, should have the proper credentials. Ask to see the administrators and see if they have an MHA degree. The MHA degree doesn’t have to come from an Ivy League school, it could be an online master of healthcare in strategy and innovation from a great institution such as Ohio University per instance.

Little things such as how well you are treated by receptionists should give you signs of how well a facility is run. Are they friendly and professional? If the staff seems to ignore some of your requests or fails to transfer some crucial information to your doctor, this should be raising concerns on your part.

You Question Your Doctor?s Decisions

Not all doctors are created equal, and yes, some of them commit mistakes. Doctors are human like everyone else, and it would be a mistake to take everything your doctor tells you as gospel. For instance, if you’re allergic to a certain type of medicine, but he prescribes it to you anyway, then it could be a sign of gross negligence or inattention. In both cases, a simple error like this could have severe consequences. Make sure you do your homework and don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion if you’re unsure about a treatment choice.


All these signs should tell you that you clearly aren’t dealing with the right practitioner. If you find yourself constantly questioning his decisions, if you feel uneasy around them or if the staff and workers seem unprofessional, then it’s time for you to switch practices.

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