How Common Is Asthma Nowadays?

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As you look at the various online degrees offered through the University of Cincinnati it?s only natural to wonder which programs will lead to a job in the future. One area that you may want to consider is the bachelor in respiratory therapy degree, which examines all kinds of different respiratory illnesses.

One of the most common and well-known of the respiratory illnesses is asthma. With that said, you may be wondering how common it is? Is this an area worth studying and planning a career in? Let?s take a closer look at the stats.

What is Asthma

While most of us have heard of asthma and have a general idea of what it is, the clinical definition is a condition that causes the swelling of a person’s airways. This narrowing makes it hard for the person to breathe and can even cause death in severe cases. It?s not an illness to be taken lightly because there is no cure or proper treatment and preventative measures are imperative. Asthma can affect people of all ages ? both adults and kids ? and both sexes.

The key to treating and preventing asthma attacks is learning the individual?s triggers so they can be avoided, or at least cut back on.

What do the Stats Say?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) here in the United States has a number of asthma-related stats available to the public. According to the CDC, one in 13 people now suffer from asthma. What this means is that it is quite common. And this is just the amount of people that have been diagnosed; the actual number could in fact be higher than that.

There are additional stats that help to break it down further. It is estimated that approximate 8.6% of children under the age of 18 have asthma, and 7.4% of adults have it. It’s been on the rise since the 1980s and there are no signs of it slowing.

Another very scary statistic is the fact that asthma is currently the leading chronic disease found in children. Even though it can occur in males and females, in children the majority of the cases seem to be found in boys. Due to the high number of kids suffering from asthma it should come as no surprise that it is the leading cause of missed days at school.

The Effect on the Healthcare System

As for the effect this illness has on the healthcare system, it is estimated that it leads to about two million emergency room visits on a yearly basis. It can lead to hospitalization when serious. As well, it accounts for about 14 million visits to the doctor each year.

Now taking all that into consideration, it has been estimated that there will be about 14,900 new positions in the field by the year 2024. Let?s also remember that as the baby boomers continue to age, respiratory illnesses in general will continue to be on the rise.

Plenty of Growth in Years Ahead

When it comes to an online bachelor of science in respiratory therapy program, the stats paint a clear picture that this is an area where there is a need for medical care and attention.

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