4 Ways A Mobility Scooter Can Give You Back Your Life

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Every day, we spend a lot of time traveling. In fact, according to the 2014 National Travel Survey in the UK, the average person makes 923 trips a year and one-fifth of those trips on done on foot. However, what happens when walking longer distances is no longer an option? People in this situation are increasingly opting to use a mobility scooter. Here are four ways that these mobility scooters give people their lives back.

Levels Of Independence Rise

With age and with some types of physical disability, walking often becomes problematic. While short distances can still be covered on foot, longer trips become fearsomely daunting tasks. Prior to getting a scooter, many end up being confined to their home or needing to take frequent rest breaks. It is difficult to accomplish much when covering more than just a short distance is such a major chore.

However, when a mobility scooter is available, people immediately experience more independence. Instead of being forced to rely on a friendly neighbor, social services, or a family member to do their shopping for them or fetch their mail, having one of these scooters means they can readily move through stores or head down the lane with ease. These types of scooters provide people with the chance to take care of their own needs on their own schedule.

Less?Social Isolation

When even walking around the house is a problem, getting out of the home becomes an almost insurmountable obstacle. However, when ambulation is assisted by a scooter, people who use these scooters find they are able to enjoy many of their previous pursuits. Want to head out to a local restaurant with friends? All that is necessary is a short ride on the scooter for a regular meet up. Maintaining regular social activities significantly reduces the chronic isolation suffered by many elderly persons or others who have difficulty with mobility.

Mobility Scooters Are Easy To Use

Mobility scooters are designed for easy operation which makes them a great alternative to wheelchairs. Using three or five wheels, the steering column is simple to use and maneuvering the scooter through a crowded store or on a busy sidewalk is a breeze. Since most wheelchairs are manually operated, these battery operated scooters are a great alternative. In fact, getting on and off a scooter is easier for most people than getting in and out of a wheelchair.

Increased Safety Levels

People who use scooters for mobility feel much more safe and secure. For one thing, scooter users are at a reduced risk of falling as they move throughout their day, whether they are at home or out and about. Secondly, should they need to move swiftly out of the home in an emergency, their charged scooter provides a reliable means of transportation.

Keep in mind that just because the scooters are so easy to use, that doesn’t mean that the people who use them should stop walking altogether. The importance of physical activity cannot be overstressed. In fact, study after study emphasizes the importance of regular daily exercise.

To remain in good shape, many scooter users use it to cover longer distances and then walk the shorter distances upon arrival. Because each situation is different, take the time to consult with a medical professional to ensure that you will not be reverting to a sedentary lifestyle that could possibly harm you in the long run once you begin using your scooter. Remaining physically active ensures your continued independence, safety, security and a more active social life.

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